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Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Hip Hop Evolution or Devolution?
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Written by Nikhil Sharma   
Wednesday, 25 August 2010
Hip Hop Evolution or Devolution?Hip-Hop is a strange genre of music. It continues to change over the years and develop; some styles stick and some get mixed and turned into a completely different style of music. Some of these new styles work but some just don’t.

Now in my opinion (this is solely my opinion so don’t put me on blast for saying this), Hip-Hop has taken a turn for the worse. This bothers me as a solid believer and advocate in bringing Hip-Hop back to the days where artists sounded different, producers made exclusive beats, lyrics were penned with accuracy and meant something and Hip-Hop meant something to the listener and left an impact.

What I hear on the radio now is the same generic stuff, the same electronic / dance induced beats, the same auto-tuned lyrics. This is not Hip-Hop the way I remember it.

Now, people may think I’m being a snob but I’m not. I won’t put you on blast for liking 50 Cent or Lil Wayne or other commercial artists but after a while hearing about the same thing over and over in their songs you have to think to yourself ; “is this all I want to hear?”

Hip-Hop will evolve and will continue to present new styles, which is what I love and I admire the fact that artists are trying something new and trying to break down boundaries by trying to mix in dance music with Hip-Hop or autotune it but, somewhere along the line the listener is going to think, “I don’t want to hear about this guy’s money or cars anymore and I don’t want to listen to this track that sounds exactly the same as the other artist’s before”.

Hip-Hop needs to change and artists that have a big grasp on the market need to set an example.

Just ponder this article and think about it.


By: Nikhil Sharma |


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