Rio Sound

Philadelphia’s own, Rio Sound, recently released the hottest summer project, “Boy Meets Booty”. His songs have a goofy delivery with a party vibe that is perfect to listen to in clubs, cars or parties. His first track, “HOW“, gives love to not just the H-town hotties and ATL baddies, but also to all the females ready to shake that booty. There will also be a music video to accompany the song. It’s just the beginning to 6 more turn-up tracks that will keep you dancing.

Rio makes diverse hip hop that fits with the sounds of the east coast, west coast and the dirty south. Some of his musical influences are Beatking (ClubGod), Ludacris, Eminem and YG. These artists taught him to be true to himself and express himself through his lyrics with an electric sound, no matter the style or message.

Rio Sound completely self-produces all of his music. Freestyling is one of his strong skills so he doesn’t need music to think of lyrics. He prefers to write songs in a relaxing environment, while being in a happy state of mind. When he hears a beat, he vibes to the melody first, and then starts writing the hook to control the outcome of the rest of the song.

The artist is always open to perform at new settings and environments because enjoys the experience. He hasn’t been able to perform at all the places he wants to yet, but is looking forward to it. He also wants to collaborate with Burna Boy, BeatKing, Lil Uzi or Lightskin Keisha some time in the future. They are some of his most played artists because all of them have creative vibes in their sound.

Social media is an important platform for him because if he can’t reach everyone physically, it is his main way of staying up to date with everyone. It also allows him to update others about what he’s currently working on. He appreciates the time his supporters give to listen to his thoughts through his songs. His album is now available on all streaming platforms. He hopes that his fans enjoy listening to it because he often finds himself writing songs based around how he thinks the listener feels.

Listen to ‘HOW’ by Rio Sound on YouTube.

Rio Sound

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