Ely Waves - I Wish I Could Feel Nothing

A 23-year old artist from Ohio, Ely Waves started his rap journey by dropping singles on SoundCloud in 2016. After his two-year hiatus, Ely found some traction with his music, specifically with songs like ‘I Wish U Would Call Me’, ‘I Just’, and ‘Just Hold Me’.

Ely’s music is inspired by a wide range of genres, from hip-hop and lo-fi to punk and trap. He is constantly evolving his sound. However, his music will always have hard-hitting lyrics and emotional delivery. With this blend of inspiration and style, Ely has developed a unique sound.

His latest single, ‘I Wish I Could Feel Nothing‘, tackles how you should not run away from your problems, but face it head on. Ely shares, “I’m talking about how I always get beaten down and broken, but I never give up. Not everything in life is going to be easy, but it’s how you handle those things that separates you and keeps you improving on yourself. We’ve all been hurt, we’ve all felt loved, we’ve all felt lost, but how do you deal with it?“.

The song’s beat is by Ely’s go-to producer, Boyfifty. When Ely first heard the beat, he wrote the chorus for the single but forgot about it for months. He says, “I loved it but honestly I forgot about it for months until recently I was going through my demos and heard it again. I was inspired and quickly put the full song together and released it“.

Listen to Ely Waves’ ‘I Wish I Could Feel Nothing’ on YouTube and SoundCloud.


Ely Waves - I Wish I Could Feel Nothing

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