Robby Riggs - In My Dreams

Roberto Ariganello was born in Toronto, Canada and adapted the name Robby Riggs at a young age. Being the owner of the music production company ‘Robeter Productions’ and the CEO of the Record label/Publishing company ‘Robby Riggs Music Group’, Robby Riggs has written and recorded hundreds of songs in different genres for famous artists like Nelly Furtado and Shania Twain. 

Robby Riggs and Peter Wellington’s new song ‘In My Dreams‘, featuring Ayla Rodney, was inspired by Riggs’ journey to Uruguay, where he was meditating and healing deep wounds. The artist says, “The most important love is love for ourselves. Looking at one another as mirrors and healing what we need to heal. Always working on being better versions of ourselves. Growing and evolving.” This song is about dreams, and dreaming that we can all have a better life is something most people have in common. 

Robby Riggs appreciates good music and listens to artists like Drake, The Beatles, Justin Bieber. He is also a fan of House music, Underground Electronic music and Classic Rock. A dream come true for him would be to collaborate with Paul McCartney. With different types of music influencing him, Robby Riggs’ sound is spread across many genres. It can be very pop, sometimes getting on the dance side or even the Urban side. The artist likes to mix different genres together and sound similar to what he listens to these days. At the moment it is Pink Floyd and their album ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, because it relates to the artist’s life and connects with him deeply.

Robby Riggs confesses that his song-writing is a direct result of his emotions. “If I’m feeling sad, then I will write a sad song. If I’m feeling happy, it will be happy. I try to be very honest and vulnerable with my writing.” 

The artist usually works with other producers because they inspire him. However, there are times when he produces everything on his own and at the moment Robby Riggs is working on a full album and more singles.

Robby Riggs believes that social media is an amazing way to connect with fans. It really gives the fans an opportunity to get to know the artist as a person and connect with them. He would like to thank his fans for the support and feedback. “It’s a pleasure for me to do what I do. I want to give all I can“.

Listen to ‘In My Dreams’ on YouTube and Spotify.

Robby Riggs - In My Dreams

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