Starlord7516 is a 39 year old music producer from West Palm Beach, Florida. He was a former trumpet player who turned to music producing in August 2020. He started making Hip Hop, trap and RNB instrumentals that were aimed to be different. His goal was to be unique, unlike the current sound of producers. So instead of mimicking and creating the same type of beats, he concentrated on doing something different.

In 2021, he released his first instrumental album titled “Outta Space“. It’s an album without any featured artists with the goal of taking listeners on a journey through space. Starlord7516 tries to make music that takes listeners through a concept instead of a simple instrumental that has a groove.

Interstellar” is a track that starts off with a soft melodic synth sound that leads to a thumping beat, which is akin to a rocket blasting you into the depths of outer space. The artist’s sound is distinguished by his addicting, bouncy melodies. Listeners connect to the song because of the infectious groove that makes them want to dance.

Since Starlord7516 is a producer, he mixes and masters all his tracks along with producing all the beats from start to finish. Some of his musical influences are Timbaland, Swizz Beats, El P and Large Professor. He enjoys listening to Run the Jewels because of their brilliant albums and El-P because of the concept behind each one of his productions. He would love to collaborate with TI, El-P or Run the Jewels in the future.

In regards to his songwriting process, the artist said: “I usually wait until I have a melody line stuck in my head before I hit the lab. I could be watching TV and a melody pops into my brain or when I am sleeping, I wake up with a melody line already in the works; it’s very organic”.

He appreciates his fans a lot for taking the time to listen, comment and reach out on social media to share their thoughts. He takes their criticism to heart because it lets him know how to improve, enhance and give the listeners exactly what they would love to hear. He believes he wouldn’t be where he is now without the fans’ support so he’s extremely grateful for them and excited for them to listen to his full album, “Outta Space”.

Listen to ‘Interstellar’ by Starlord7516 on Spotify.


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