Back in the day, before the emergence of Gangsta Rap there were several jump up and party anthems. Part of the inspiration for that exciting time period in musical history was a talented recording group out of Boston – Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch. The group (founded by New Kids On the Block’s Donnie Whalberg) transcended musical barriers and created what became known as their own brand of music of the people.

With their infectious melodies, high energy, soulful vocals and dynamic dance moves the group (Mark Whalberg, Scott Ross, Hector Barros, Terry Yancey and Anthony Thomas) scored with the multi-platinum and number 1 hit “Good Vibrations”. After touring worldwide, receiving awards and making several hundred television and radio appearances, the group suddenly stopped recording; never formally disbanding, knowing that the time would come for them to re-emerge, bigger and better than ever.

That time is now… Returning with a new name, The Funk Bs!, a brand new formula and their funky sound which combines the old with the new are original members Scott “Great Scott” Ross, Hector “HB” Barros, Terry “DJ-T” Yancy along with new members JaimeAvalancheHaage, Lola LBFrazier, Chad DragonPenney, Dawayne DJ RareformBranco and MichaelYung Piff (Da Prince)Wilder.

Funky BunchThe group members who jokingly call themselves “The Conglomerate” hail from the North, South, East Coast, all the way to West Coast. Says FB’s original member and spokesperson Scott Ross, “Even though we (the original members) all went our separate ways, we kept in touch with one another. We also kept an eye on our fan base and they’ve always wanted more music. With our new members, music and new label, we feel that now’s the right time”.

Adds, Glen Prendergast, CEO of Suave Dawg Records /, “We are delighted to be working with such a successful group. Their sound infused musical history and I have every indication that this new offering will do the same”.

The FB’s first plan of action is to hit the airwaves with their first single “She Said” (available for download at only). Guaranteed to conquer the airwaves, the track, written by Ross, Dragon, Yung Piff and Producer D-Sharp, is a hypnotic club-banging track that is already garnering positive radio response. Ross states, “It’s definitely a man’s track, but the ladies are showing it love as well. Our music always connected with males and females of every racial background and age group. We make good music and this is a great cut”.

Following the single will be a phenomenal collection of ten songs on their creative CD, Still Standing that is scheduled for release August 2008. Also in the mix is Canadian and US appearances where the multi-cultural, eclectic music group will introduce their music and new group members to the public “live”. Added to the fabulous project is a strategic promotional street / club campaign and a possible tour with their Boston blood brothers, New Kids On The Block. Says Ross, “We had no idea that they were working on their album, but the timing  feels right. It’s gonna be Boston nostalgia at its best!”

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