Isaiah Brown - Run

Originally from Southern Oregon, Isaiah Brown is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and record producer. Before moving to LA, Isaiah learned piano at a young age and started writing songs. He released two albums before signing with record label/management company Fix Entertainment.

Isaiah jumps from genre to genre when creating a sound that provides a poppy, soulful, and dancy vibe. He combines this with what he learns from artists that he features in his playlist. He shares, “I take inspiration from artists like Frank Ocean and Rufus Du Sol. People also compare me to Justin Timberlake or Miguel.

Run is Isaiah’s first hip-hop sounding release. The song also carries undertones of pop and reggae. Regarding the story of the track, ‘Run’ is about feeling an overwhelming amount of love from a person that tends to ignite the fear in our hearts. Isaiah points out, “Heavy love comes with an equally heavy toll. ‘Run’ focuses on the phase between discovering it could be detrimental and falling further into infatuation.

When listening to the track, you’ll hear the raw emotion in Isaiah’s voice. He tries to put feelings into every sound he records. During his writing process, Isaiah wants to inspire people to love and not be afraid of it, or themselves. He writes about his feelings and immerses himself into an instrumental to connect how he feels with a message that is relevant to all.

Watch the music video for ‘Run’ on YouTube.

Isaiah Brown

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