Isaiah - Prince of Soul - Biography

Isaiah is about to take the music industry by storm. He exhibits all the traits of a future superstar, the charming personality, the talent and the right look. Born Isaiah Smith, January 24 1986 in Philadelphia, this up and coming singer, songwriter and producer brings a new sound to the music industry, which he refers to as "Street Soul"; a musical hybrid between hip hop, r&b and soul.

Self-titled as the "Prince of Soul", Isaiah vocally can be compared to the likes of singing sensations Trey Songz and J. Holiday. Isaiah was exposed to music at a tender young age through his family, not failing to mention his uncles who were members of a successful soul group in called "Rockers Revenge". Isaiah was also greatly influenced by artists such as Sam Cooke, Donnie Hathaway, Prince, D'Angelo, and many more, but it was the beautiful harmonies of Boys ll Men that motivated him to become a singer.

Isaiah - Prince of Soul - BiographyThe 22 year old began performing at the age of eleven. His first performance was at his school talent show where he received a standing ovation after performing R. Kelly's billboard hit, "I Believe I Can Fly". Yet, although his passion for singing and performing was from the onset of an early age, a tragic event at the age of sixteen, brought forth a new determination, raw emotions and creativity that sprung Isaiah closer to his music. The passing of his brother, taught Isaiah the uncertainty of life, and compelled him to write music that reflects his emotional state. His lyrics became his release and each song he created caught more attention of this talented songwriter and singer.

Isaiah is a dynamic performer on stage, captivating his audience. One of his many career highlights includes embarking on a high school tour across Pennsylvania, and sharing the stage with mega stars such as Ne-Yo, Fabulous and Amerie. He is currently managed by NBS management, a New York based Management Firm ( and his album "The Legacy Of I", is available on iTunes. The album features songs such as "Baby C'mon", and "Check out My Swag". Isaiah is currently working on a mixtape scheduled to be released in early autumn 2008.

By: Sherina Robinson


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