Isco Cruz - Talk is Cheap

Rising artist Isco Cruz has officially released his new EP titled “IC Flows: Before Heartbreak“, available now on all major streaming platforms. This EP marks a significant moment in Isco’s musical journey, offering a raw and authentic look into his emotional and mental state through a blend of vulnerable yet assertive tracks.

“IC Flows: Before Heartbreak” features four compelling singles that showcase Isco’s versatility and unique style. The rollout began with “Talk is Cheap” on May 24, followed by “Temporary Phases” on May 31. The EP culminates with the release of two tracks on June 7, “S.A.D Freestyle” and the highly anticipated “Another Good One Gone“.

“Another Good One Gone” has been a standout track, generating significant buzz and receiving amazing feedback from fans and critics alike. This track, along with the others, demonstrates Isco’s ability to seamlessly blend genres and deliver powerful, emotive performances.

Isco Cruz has always been known for his authenticity and emotional depth, and this EP is no exception. It serves as a prelude to his future works, exploring themes of love, loss, and self-discovery. Isco states, “This EP is about giving a status update of where I’m at mentally and emotionally before I dive back into creating hits. It’s vulnerable but simultaneously egotistical and braggadocious“.

Following the successful release of “Clarity” and its various versions, which capitalized on the track’s momentum, “IC Flows: Before Heartbreak” aims to keep listeners engaged while providing new insights into Isco’s evolving artistic narrative.

Isco Cruz

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