J Sexton - Byrde

Miami-based artist J Sexton is on a journey to release 52 songs in 52 weeks. Through this tumultuous year, the Florida native has made an impact with his positive music. He’s the chatter of the underground music scene, with every song getting him closer to his big break.  

His latest single ‘Byrde‘ is in collaboration with Orion Paxx, an emerging artist from Miami who started songwriting at the age of 14. From touring in Japan to rocking it in the U.S., Orion’s music is a blend of lush sonic landscapes with hard-hitting rhymes. His unique sound is mixed with lo-fi vibes that attract everyone from all walks of life to his music.

‘Byrde’ is inspired by the popular Netflix show Ozark. The song has references to Marty Byrde, the main character of the show. These references become apparent in lines like “F*** what they heard, f*** what they say, I flip em the Byrde right to they face“.

In the song, Orion Paxx comes in and delivers smooth-sounding verses with a serious vibe. He goes deep in his lyrics by paying tribute to the tragic death of Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman. The pair, together with producer Ash Graysun, wanted to reference the show Ozark in a song because they thought that the theme would give off a cool sounding record.

When asked in the past about the message behind the song, J Sexton shared “This hard-hitting song expresses the anger and frustrations with other people’s opinions, and the need to focus on the things we can control“.

Listen to J Sexton’s ‘Byrde’ on YouTube.

J Sexton - Byrde

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