J Soze aka Elijah

Elijah aka J Soze is a profound rapper with a distinctive unique flow. His rhymes demonstrate the trails and tribulations of his life and the reality of youth poverty and street crime. His passion to voice his opinion is significant as it gives his fans a true insight to who he is and what he is about.

Originally from Birmingham in the 1980’s but moved to Brixton South London in his early teens. The charismatic 26 year old is not only a rapper but also a dedicated industrious entrepreneur.

Over the past two years J Soze has progressively founded and established his own entertainment company PDC Ent, which has not only given him the opportunity to self promote his music but he has also helped develop and promote talented youths who look up to him in his community.

J Soze aka ElijahAlready established in his own right, J Soze is a highly requested performer, which has allowed him to set his mark and build up a strong repertoire with the UK underground Scene. His achievements to date include; featuring on all the UK’s top DVD Magazines, a major sell out of his 5 mix tapes, including “Boss Or The Bosses”, “Destroy And Rebuild”, and “Bravehearts”, which are all currently still on demand. His music videos, “Fallen Soilders” and “Were Back” both showcased on Channel U and MTV Base.

J Soze is now in the process of introducing himself to the mainstream market, venturing in a variety of music styles with the aim to express his views worldwide. The first track he is going to drop is Hustla.

Hustla is as you would expect an expose on how everyone is a hustla and how it is hard to make ends meet. Hustla has a synthesiser feel and additional female vocals. The song is down beat and I would think most people would be able to relate to the facts that we are all in the same boat. The third verse explores what it is like when everyday pressures become too much.

Watch the space for his single release “Hustla”, and his anticipated debut album.

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