Jack Flash

Jack Flash is an incendiary hip-hop act creating a huge reaction in the UK urban music community. Regarded as northern hip-hop’s l’enfant terrible, Flash is a skilled lyricist with an acidic wit – combining biting social comment with eclectic, original beats to generate music that falls outside of standard hip-hop parameters.

Jack Flash was born and raised in Huddersfield, in Northern England. He is a young male MC and producer from the Groundwurq Entertainment camp. Flash is at the heart of Groundwurq along with J Simple and MC / producer extraoridaire Apa-Tight.

He has potential flowing from every orifice possible. Plucking inspiration from the most unlikely and unique experiences and places he has dedicated his time in turning that inspiration into music.

Jack Flash has his own mixtape out right now. The Calm Before The Storm is available now from http://www.suspect-packages.com with an incredible price tag of £7 for 17 original tracks. A vibrant and popular live act, Jack Flash has garnered widespread support throughout the UK and the debut Jack Flash album will be available nationwide in April 2007.

Jack Flash

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