JAMAR has managed to capture the hearts of his fans with his laid-back, edgy sounds that keep listeners coming back for more. With his latest track, What I Like, this artist has blended skilful vocals with an impressively constructed beat that he never gave up on. JAMAR claimed that he kept the ongoing beat for a while within the production process before finally getting into the studio and laying everything out to allow the musical piece to be brought together.

This artist states that his latest song’s truthfulness is what the fans connect with, the lyrics, as well as being fun, also being honest and raw in meaning. Real-life experiences often work well when weaved into music, and the same can be said with the truthfulness of JAMAR’s tracks, who is currently developing his sound to gain more and more success in this crowded industry.

With every artist being inspired by those who have succeeded before them, JAMAR is no different. Influenced by Curren$y, Lil Wayne, and Money Man, JAMAR has shaped his own style and sound from his inspirations, taking from each of their talents to craft his own. There’s no doubt that this artist himself will one day be an inspiration to younger generations looking to make their mark on music, with his pure talent and passion driving him forwards in his career path.

Within the production of his tracks, JAMAR admits that he needs a beat before creating lyrics to his songs, although impressively has the ability to write ideas down off the top of his head. These free-flowing thoughts often make their way into JAMAR’s tracks, a stream of consciousness that resonates with the real-life experiences and honesty that hit his fans so deeply. This spontaneous nature is what sets this artist apart from others in similar genres.

Currently listening to Money Man and admiring this artist’s mellow flow, JAMAR admits that this artist is who he would most like to collaborate with in the future. So, what else is to be expected from JAMAR in the foreseeable future? Whilst an EP by JAMAR is currently out on Spinrilla, this artist continues to push his exposure further on social media, informing fans of when new music is out to listen to and enjoy. JAMAR is thankful for his supporters and hopes to entertain them more shortly as he continues to work tirelessly on his musical passion.

Listen to What I Like on YouTube.

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