Jenre is a young cat with some verbal skills. Here we bring you his biographical information. One to look out for for sure…

Real name: Jon Rice
D.O.B: 08/11/1986
Favourite Artists: Eminem, Aspects, Big L, Taskforce, Out Da Ville, Nas, Phi Life Cypher. There’s more but that’ll do for now 

I’ve been into hip-hop since about 1999, so that’s about 4 years now. I got into hip-hop properly after hearing Eminem’s ‘The Slim Shady LP’. Although I’d still liked hip-hop before, Eminem really stood out to me and got me deeper into the culture. It was because I could relate to his music in more ways than most other rappers. The sole reason was because he was white really. But I won’t ramble on too much about that. Ultimately I got into other artists affiliated with Eminem such as Dr. Dre, Xzibit, D12 etc. I joined and began writing my own lyrics in July 2001. It was an online community where people could post their work and get feedback on it. Not just lyrics but graffiti pieces, beats etc. Everything hip-hop related. As well as this you could talk and discuss current issues in hip-hop and the rest of the world. It was this site that caused me to get deeper and deeper into the whole hip-hop culture. That’s where my understanding of it came about. Over time my lyrics got better and better through help. I started writing a bunch of rubbish really which wasn’t at all me. It’s very embarrassing looking back now because I hate all that tripe. 

Of course writing lyrics was fun, but I really wanted to perform them too and make my own music. All it takes is a £10 PC microphone, a half-decent sound card and some illegal software and anybody can do it. So I did. In May 2002 I made my first track called ‘Drowning’. It was all about my life at that time. Including school work piling up and up, problems with feelings etc. Everything that was bugging me at the time. Unfortunately this was a piece I had just written converted. Which is probably why it didn’t turn out too well. Plus it was my first shot 

In time I have improved and matured as a person and artist. Lyrically I have expanded and advanced a lot. Thank god. And I’m still getting better actually emceeing. It takes time, and I certainly need more.


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