Born and raised in North London, JoJo and Omizz have exploded onto the drill scene as one of the most exciting new duos of the 2020s. Emerging as key players from Turnpike Lane’s teenage TPL crew, Jojo x Omizz dropped their debut single Philly Don’t Dance (alongside TD) in January 2020, and saw it instantly take off.

A fusion of cold drill production with hyped up lyrical abilities, they showed a compelling self-belief that saw the track go viral. Eschewing the obvious UK music platforms, they put the video on their own Youtube channel, where it spread to become a TikTok sensation, leading to the video racking up over 3 million views to date – and the same again in Spotify streams – the kind of feat that far more established artists dream of.

Following PDD with a series of freestyles and releases that established them as lyrical dons unafraid to try new ideas (most notably on their beat switching Next Up performance for Mixtape Madness). Now they’ve signed to London based indie label Moves Recordings and dropped their first single of 2021 – the instant banger Skrr Reverse. Laid over a wild oriental influenced beat produced by TPL’s regular collaborator Tefoma, the track has an early contender for hook of the year  with Omizz’s Skrr reverse hook destined to be chanted all year. 

The first in a run of singles that are set to drop monthly between March – June, all to warm up for their debut mixtape coming later in 2021, Jojo and Omizz are just getting started…!

JoJo x Omizz - Skrr Reverse

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