Mogley Miroma

‘something_Blue’ is a track from Mogley Miroma‘s newest album ‘floo&smoo’. This song in particular came from the artist’s need to create something he has not captured yet. He wanted to write something approachable but real. Usually, Miroma’s songs tend to be a bit despondent and dark so this time he wanted to have fun and create something joyful.

The general confidence exuding off the track and the bouncy braggadocious flow make you feel like getting up and jumping around to the beat. It feels like you can do anything and makes you want to put on your best outfit and blast it on your way to get business done. The artist says: ‘You do not need anyone to do what you want to do, and make sure if you are helping someone more than you should, that they know that and appreciate you’.

The artist’s sound does not have a clearly defined genre to it but most of the time you can get rich elegant electronic-based compositions that delve into ambient/trap/jazz noise.

Miroma’s musical influences are XXXTENTACION, Machinedrum and Playboi Carti. He is currently listening to Chelsea Wolfe because her music has been helping him through this dark time. Her lyrics make it easy to have someone to relate to and reflect the same dark vibes the artist has been feeling inside for the past year.

When asked about his songwriting process, the artist is honest: ‘Don’t overthink it! Whatever comes out is meant to be. Maybe every song doesn’t reach publishing, that’s okay, you can create for yourself sometimes. I have a lot of ‘therapy’ tracks. Just have fun and create what you want to create. Remember to feel real’.

The artist says that on social media his fans get to see his silly side that his music might not show. He encourages his fans to connect with him and talk about anything they want.

Listen to ‘something_Blue’ on Spotify.

Mogley Miroma

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