Caleb Miller

Caleb Miller is an up and coming artist that is far from ordinary. If there’s a phrase that could describe his music, it’s “the good ole’ classic days of Twenty-One Pilots.”  He released his first single ‘Jumper Cables’ last June. The song has already garnered over 55 thousand streams since its upload date.

‘Jumper Cables’ is a feel-good song that can make you jump up from your seat and dance. Aside from its sound, the track is also an homage to the artist’s wife. Lyrics from the song tells the true story of a night back when he was in high school. On a cold winter night, his wife’s (who was at the time just an ex-girlfriend) car wouldn’t start. Caleb happened to be driving past and stopped to give her a jump.

Caleb recalled the magical night as he wrote the song. He says, “Even though we were broken up and were both dating other people at the time, the interaction between us that night gave me hope that there was a future for us. And obviously, now we’re married…so.

If you’re looking for an artist with lyrical storytelling similar to Taylor Swift’s, Caleb Miller’s romantic true-to-life song will make you believe that you can find love even in the coldest winter nights.

Watch Caleb Miller’s Jumper Cables music video on YouTube and listen to the song on Spotify.

Caleb Miller

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