Junior - I Feel It Too

Junior is back with a brand new adventure, as timely as his now legendary debut drop ‘Long Way Home‘ which received support from BBC 6 music and BBC Radio 1 along with key UK blogs and beyond. This time the boy wonder inconsequentially makes his hometown Bedford even hotter than before on his second track of the year and lover’s anthem, ‘I Feel It Too‘.

Junior explains, “For me this isn’t a step in a new direction, I think it’s more embracing a side of me I haven’t shown. A classic love song made with the aim of getting people to appreciate being in love and embracing each other. The production style is a post-modern mix of golden age RnB and new more alternative RnB“.

Junior, still in his early twenties, is fast becoming a recognized name as both producer, writer, and rapper, and even lays out some touchingly soulful vocals on his newest soon to be anthem ‘I Feel It Too’. Watch for the video soon too as Junior is quite the actor, in fact there isn’t much in his locker he doesn’t have going on.

As Junior further exalts, “The self-produced sample really sets the mood for the song as well as the lazy drums. I think it’s important to note the whole song top to bottom was produced by me. Being from a small town, I tried to make the record as big as possible. I think the contagious groove has you rocking your head. This song is me showing off my versatility as an artist and producer. Sound wise it is very different but is undeniably a ‘Junior song’“.

There’s no argument there. This has Junior’s stamp all over it and goes on to show again just how inventive and talented he is, leaving industry A&Rs to continue making offers he may soon be unable to pass up.

As Junior asks us to, “Just say the words ‘I Feel It Too’” it’s impossible not to agree.

‘I Feel It Too’ is self-released on Friday June 24th, 2022.


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