Keem Veggies

Keem Veggies is an artist from Denver who makes underground music. The genre is called ‘plug’ and he’s one of the top creators in this new wave of plug music. His influences are Mexikodro, Stoopidxool and DJ Nick, the original plug producers. These artists founded and created the sound for the newer plug artists.

However, recently when Keem Veggies and his fellow artists are creating a completely new wave of plug music, their only influence for that is themselves. Because of these artists, the underground genre of plug music and SoundCloud vibes are becoming more mainstream now.

Diego Money is an OG plug artist from Dallas who is trying to shine light on newer artists such as Keem Veggies who aim to carry on the plug sound. Diego Money and Keem Veggies teamed up to release “Buss Ya“. It’s a hype song. It was produced by ‘dirtynikes’ and will also have a music video to accompany it.

Keem Veggies is a laid back, game giving, stoner artist. His monotone voice and punchlines are what makes his music unique. Recently, he has been dropping  songs with major artists and producers such as 10kdunkin, Cashcache, and Stoopidxool. He continues to make a name for himself in the industry. One of his best songs is his single ‘Keep On Moving’.

As a plug artist, he doesn’t write lyrics down. His songwriting is a completely organic process where he just freestyles on his songs. He believes that if the message of the song is genuine and meaningful to the artist, they don’t have to write anything down to make a song out of it. He is mostly self-produced as he engineers the song, records himself and produces his own beats, but a few songs, such as ‘Buss Ya’, are by a different producer.

Keen Veggies appreciates all the genuine fans who have been rocking with him and is excited for them to hear his new EP “Savage Veggies Two” featuring Savage Ken which is available on streaming platforms now. 

Listen to ‘Buss Ya’ by Diego Money featuring Keem Veggies on SoundCloud.

Keem Veggies

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