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Balance, answers Kel Spencer to the question “What is the key to life?” This Brooklyn native lives up to that response in every sense of the word. Not only is Kel Spencer dubbed the best rapper you’ve never heard of but he’s also Co-Chairman of his own imprints 3rd Power Music Group & Double L Communications.

He’s a public speaker and ghostwriter for artists such as Nick Cannon, MC Lyte, Rodney Jerkins, Teddy Riley and Will Smith co-writing songs like the American Music Award Winning “Switch”.

Currently, Kel is featured on DJ Jazzy Jeff's "Return of The Magnificent" while his single “The Building” is in rotation on MTV-Base in The UK. While finishing his own album, Kel is also a community leader with his Pens of Power after school literacy program on the way, is the Co-Author of "L. Bennett's Weekly Bread" and occasionally writes commercial jingles and Theme Songs… now that’s a balancing act.

Kel Spencer 'The Promise' set aside his promising future in football while attending Morgan State declaring that, "GOD blessed me with more than one gift and I think I can help a greater cause by doing the music thang".

Kel SpencerHis gift has been displayed on dozens of mix-tapes, at over 75 showcases and on projects like The Wild Wild West Soundtrack, Will Smith's Willennium and Born to Reign. Additionally, Kel has acquired press for the Smack DVD, XXL Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, Vibe, ESPN Magazine, Hush, Sports Illustrated (On Campus Edition) and, Black Beat. Kel fulfilled all of these accomplishments while on a strict athletic regime and taking care of educational business pursuits at Morgan State University’s Earl G. Graves School of Business.

As a New York All City quarterback, at Brooklyn’s Canarsie High School, Lennie Bennett aka Kel Spencer, has always had the passion for leadership and winning. “I think that humans have an innate need to believe in something, It’s just in our nature to want better. But black music as a whole doesn’t feed that need”, says Kel. “I want the 3rd Power brand to fill that void. Partying, having fun and making money are all cool but we need to keep an eye on the big picture at the same time”.

The big picture will be made clear on Kel Spencer’s debut project, One Way-The Underground, set for release early 2008. Along with an emerging international presence, several companies are interested in Kel and the 3rd Power imprint, and the negotiation process is “overwhelming”, says Kel. “But first things first, I’ve already put out the Who Is Kel Spencer? mix-tape and The Wilderness Video. Next I'm going to release The Brooklyn Spartans Mixtape in addition to my 2008 debut release "One Way.

“I want to truly establish myself as a brand rather than just have two decent singles and disappear. I’ve seen all of the success stories and all of the failures. By intertwining my street dealings with spirituality it can be nothing less than a winning formula, I’m the Block Apostle, you’ll see”.

Dubbed the 'Hip Hop Moses', Mr. Spencer intends on leading us to the Promised Land. Kel Spencer The Promise, hmmm sounds promising.

Kel Spencer

Kel Spencer Discography (recent):

Featured Writing:
2005 – Will Smith “Switch” (Interscope / Overbrook)
2005 – Will Smith “Party Starter” (Interscope / Overbrook)
2003 – Will Smith “Nod ya Head, Black Suits Coming” (Columbia)

Contributions to Full Lengths and Compilations:
2007 – DJ Jazzy Jeff featuring Kel Spencer “The Definition” Return of The Magnificent (BBE)
2004 – Mary J. Blige featuring Will Smith “To Be Real” Sharktale Soundtrack (Geffen)

Special Projects – Television and Film:
2006 – “Go Hard” American Pie, Naked Mile; Score
2006 – “Bring In The Horns” Minnesota Vikings Theme Song
2006 – “Get In The Game” Indiana University Men’s Basketball, Theme Song
2006 – “In Me” Theme Song for ESPN's The Season College Basketball edition

Unreleased Projects:
Miri Ben-Ari – “Strings of The Streets” (Universal)

Awards & Honors:
2005 – American Music Award “Switch” Will Smith (Interscope / Overbrook)
2006 – BMI Broadcast Performance Award “Switch” Will Smith (Interscope / Overbrook)

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