Kensen - Good Enough

Based in Canada, Kensen is an electronic musician and producer that has spent many years honing his craft by fusing melodic elements with distorted baritone. He’s known for blending sullen elements into his contemporary productions.

Kensen’s music plays with a duality theme. In his remixes, he uses both edgy and atmospheric tones. Shortly after graduating from Icon Collective College of Music, Kensen kicked off his music project with a release on Dim Mak Records.

His latest single, ‘Good Enough,’ is in collaboration with Alia Soliman. The pair worked on the entire song online, from their own respective homes in Canada and Los Angeles. To this day, Kensen and Alia haven’t met in person.  

The song is raw, honest, and relatable. It’s about dating someone who isn’t over their past. It’s for those who have blamed themselves when a relationship hasn’t gone right. It’s about therapy. It’s about a girl we’ve never met. It’s for the fools who felt like they weren’t good enough.

Kensen and Alia Soliman’s ‘Good Enough‘ is set to release on March 25, 2021.

Kensen - Good Enough

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