B3 Flex - Loyalty

B3 FLEX is an unsigned hip-hop artist from Compton. He started his music career by freestyling around the streets, before he evolved to recording his music in a studio. Being able to make his own music with his unique sounds and catchy lyrics, B3 FLEX handed out CDs to local stores in the hopes to be a music icon someday.

He came from a single-parent household in which his dad was an absent member of the family during his adolescence. His older brother became his role model and introduced him to music. Presently, B3 FLEX’s musical influences include Lil Boosie, Mozzy, Lil Baby Roddy, Ricch Rich, the Kid Bino, Rideaux, and Rod Wave.

B3 FLEX’s rap song ‘Loyalty‘ is the latest addition to his discography. It features Teejay3k and Zodi. When asked if he can tell us about the song, B3 FLEX just says, “The vibes on the track is way too lit you would have to hear it to understand.”

The track ‘Loyalty’ is about having the right support system while you work to achieve your dreams. It’s acknowledging where you came from and showing up for the right people.

Listen to B3 FLEX on Soundcloud.

B3 Flex - Loyalty

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