KP is a Conscious Hip-Hop artist and poet. Most of his ideals crystalised during his English Literature and Philosophy degree at Keele University. By Conscious Hip-Hop we mean Hip-Hop that is concerned with eternal rather than superficial subjects. Also known as Kapes, the Redeye Jedi, the Subculture Sithlord, the Lyrical Ninja, Mr Elocution, and KP Nuts.
He is also known for his down-to-earth poetry inspired by Taoism, Mayan Philosophy and conversations with self-confessed hippies. He describes himself as a romantic (in the figurative as well as in the literary definition), anti-capitalist, apprentice "New School Shaman" therefore you can imagine the sentiments of most contemporary Hip-Hop – which is often derogatory to women and often focuses on material wealth – do not sit well with KP.

KPHe was writing poetry before he started writing song lyrics at eleven years old, he has been performing Hip-Hop since he was 16. He grew up rapping with the likes of Yun-Gun, Sundragon, Ricochet of Universal Soldiers and Jargon of MI5.

He has performed at The Big Green Gathering, The Kwestival, Unity Works 2012, St Georges Theatre, 491 Gallery, Project 142, The Synergy Centre, Matsuri at 93 Feet East, The Trinity Centre in Bristol, various clubs in London and The Oneness Festival.

A ‘culture chameleon’ performing at festivals, night clubs and squat parties, known to attend Royal Garden Parties the day after attending illegal raves (his mother has a diplomatic job and the anti-establishment MC  claims he had no choice.)

Already respected in the underground UK Hip-Hop scene as under his original alias KP (Knowledge is Power) but for his poetry he recently have dropped the alias Knowledge is Power stating that "knowledge is subjective and power is not necessarily desirable."

KP is not your average rapper. This is more than Hip-Hop because the lyrics are not written by an ex-crack dealer or pimp, but by an aspiring shaman, taoist, wizard with an interest in philosophy, spirituality and comedy – not your average rapper… Is it possible to make shamanic Hip-Hop? Few people would consider sampling Handels Messiah, Shpongle and Bill Hicks for a Hip-Hop track. Few people can imagine how that would sound with Biggie and Mobb Deep samples.

KPBut what if there was a continual bell ringing harmoniously throughout which happened to be the sound-healer Ashera Hart’s tuning fork for the tone of Oneness? But what if the bassline was also sampled from Ashera Hart’s album, the bassline being NASA’s recording of the sound of the sun from outer space?

The track is called "Ascension" and it’s shamanic Hip-Hop. "Ascension" is currently still available from KPs MySpace page  where he has enjoyed well over 1800 profile views since April 2005 and nearly 2300 song plays at the time of writing.

Although KP has cultivated techniques for spreading positivity through music his versatility is proven by the more twisted and humourous lyrics on "Drugs n Danger" featuring ex MudFam veteran MONGO (the well-respected Skinnyman and Taskforce collaborator), the hilarious early demo "Split Personality" with AH Fly (of Universal Soldiers aka the inimitable Hansel The Unicorn) and in "THC Anthem" which somehow manages to get the subjects of reading Carlos Casteneda and getting hammered in the Oh! Bar into one verse.


KPs EP tentatively titled ‘So Nang’ will be available independently online and on road from THC Society on in May.

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