The word legend is banded around with disregard these days but when it comes to Hip-Hop few people can lay claim to that title more than KRS ONE. Alongside the likes of Public Enemy & Big Daddy Kane he shaped the sound of modern Hip-Hop and in turn dance music itself.

KRS-ONE career began in 1985 with DJ Scott La Rock, a social worker he met while staying in a group home, together under the banner of ‘Boogie Down Productions’ aka ‘BDP’ they released the seminal “Criminal Minded” a true Hip-Hop classic. They took the disco / funk sound & party lyrics of old skool Hip-Hop and created a rawer rougher political sound that has influence every MC & producer since.

KRS-ONETogether they produced some of hip hops most classic tracks to date such as ‘Stop the Violence’ ’88, ‘Jack Of Spades’ ’89 and ‘South Bronx’ ’87. The group was undoubtedly one of the most groundbreaking acts ever to surface.

After the tragic loss of former partner Scott La Rock KRS-ONE went on to create yet more legendary hip hop classics such as the phenomenal 1993 hit ‘Sound Of Da Police’ and ‘Step Into A World’ 2002, tracks that never leave any self respecting Hip-Hop DJ’s record box and rock the dance-floor every time they are played.

More than just an MC & entertainer KRS-ONE stands for Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone. A moniker that points towards this man’s role as an educated, political activist, writer and teacher.

KRS-ONE is a staunch defender of Hip-Hop and all its elements as an art form, he is the antithesis of the easy come easy go bling attitude that purveys Rap and it protagonists today. As he puts it “Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live”.

Marley MarlKRS-ONE is playing at London’s Kentish Town Forum on Sunday 17th June 2007 and amazingly he will be joined by a fellow legend, and once adversary, DJ / producer extraordinaire Marley Marl!

Marley Marl is the genius behind the incredible output of the “Cold Chillin” record label, the home to the likes of Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Kool G Rap, & Masta Ace.

His distinct style of mixing James Brown samples & synthetic beats in a fashion previously unheard of became the blueprint for future Hip-Hop production and has been sited as an influence on everyone from DJ Premier to Notorious B.I.G.

KRS-ONE Live at Doctors Orders, Kentish Town, London

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