Xion McKnight

Van Gogh’ by Xion McKnight is a track to boost your self-esteem. The artist says, ‘I had a friend come over and we just kept talking about the doubters and hate we have to deal with in life. And she just kept boosting my head up, telling me that nobody’s gonna stop what I got coming in the future, and that’s how the song came about. No matter who is or isn’t in your corner, don’t stop doing what you’re doing. If anybody doubts you, say ‘fuck em‘ and keep continuing to do dope shit!’

Xion McKnight reveals that there will be a music video to accompany his new track, and a new EP titled ‘Kartel’ will be released after the summer. 

The artist’s musical influences are Siiickbrain, RMR, and Saint Jhn because they are the people that are actually living their creativity. 

Instead of songwriting, the artist just says what he feels off the top of his head, and all of Xion McKnight’s songs are about his own life experiences and emotions.

The artist would like to thank all of his supporters and says that he is going to take them with him wherever he is going in life.

Listen to ‘Van Gogh’ on Spotify.

Xion McKnight

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