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Matthew "L.I.R.I.X." Taylor was introduced to hip hop by his brother Mark and instantly fell in love. He grew up listening to the golden era of the culture, such as Dj Kool Herc, the Zulu Nation, DJ Scott La Rock, KRS One (as Boogie Down Productions), Run DMC, Ice T, EPMD, LL Cool J, N.W.A., Rakim, Kool Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane, Salt N Pepa, Digital Underground (including a young 2Pac), Queen Latifah and the Flava Unit Crew among others.

Throughout the years L.I.R.I.X. was exposed to emerging musical groups and fresh styles. He grew up in a home where music was played all the time; pioneers, game changers, industry legends and luminaries. After school L.I.R.I.X. would come home and hit the books. But it wasn’t school work he was studying; instead L.I.R.I.X. studied music and the industry. There are not enough words to describe his drive. This is illustrated with lines such as, "driven to succeed, my wheels of fortune keep on turning".

In school, teachers identified early that he was, not only diligent, but that he was a determined workaholic. Whether in class, on the court, or behind the mic, his evolution from writing to performing started with his interest in writing poetry. Reading Shakespeare helped develop L.I.R.I.X. vivid imagination when painting pictures in his music.

L.I.R.I.X.At the young age of 12, L.I.R.I.X. began to jot down songs and worked on them continuously. By the end of the year he had compiled hundreds of songs. At the age of 16, L.I.R.I.X. was performing in battles, engaging in street ciphers and freestyle sessions. On his way home, he rhymed in his head, writing on the Go Train, tirelessly working on his craft. He stayed up all hours of the night writing verse after verse, learning the song structure, working on choruses, chants, call and response ideas for songs, jotting them down in note books, filling up legal pads. From then on the artist many would come to know and love was truly born.

The meaning of L.I.R.I.X. is an acronym that it stands for Living Individual Ripping Intelligence To The X Position (the X position is the unknown variable like solving for X in algebra, you never know what life is going to throw at you).

So now L.I.R.I.X is back, the Hip Hop Artist from Oakville, Canada has returned with a new project. After the success of the promotional song Second Renaissance, and the two mix tapes, Dub City Chronicles, which was downloaded over 150,000 times and Samples Of Soul which to date has done over 550,000 downloads, that have followed in the last 6 months.

The Canadian Hip Hop artist L.I.R.I.X. is presenting a new campaign of music. Starting with the new mix tape What Have You Done Lately which sees L.I.R.I.X. teaming up with Reupspot.com, BWD Promotions, Rap Star Promo and Reewine Enterprises to present the new project. What Have You Done Lately features songs from his previous mix tapes and brand new music.

In case you wondered what else was coming after the launch of What Have You Done Lately have no fear the next wave is coming. L.I.R.I.x. will be releasing a number of new songs and freestyles throughout November. As a special gift to his fans look out for additional songs at the end of December. Then on Dec. 31st, 2009 L.I.R.I.X. will be dropping his final viral project of the year The Critical Acclaim EP. You know what it is, tell a friend to tell a frend to get ready for the next wave. Enjoy the music. Let's go.

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