Reyez - Chrome Heart

‘Chrome Heart’ by Reyez is one of the five songs in the artist’s newest EP ‘Chaos Theory’. He says, ‘After hearing the beat I decided I just wanted to try something different. I wanted to create a brand new vibe that’s both engaging and catchy. This song is definitely something you could hear all over the internet. Listeners can find comfort in my song knowing that it is something familiar. They can enjoy a familiar sound with a little bit of a new vibe added’.

Reyez’s sound is similar to SoFaygo’s but with his personal twist. The artist says he adds a part of his identity to the songs to sound fresh and unique.

The artist’s biggest musical influence is his dad as well as XXXTENTACION, Juice Wrld and Lil Uzi Vert. He is currently listening to Tame Impala and a lot of alternative music.

Reyez usually starts his songwriting process by listening to a beat and creating a melody. Then he does a couple of freestyles to the beat and uses it as a skeleton to build the track on. After that, he forms the lyrics and begins recording.

The artist is extremely grateful to everyone who supports him. ‘I just want to thank every one of you. All of the people who support me make my life better and better every single day. Music is everything to me and being able to make music and have people actually enjoy it is a dream come true’.

Listen to ‘Chrome Heart’ on Spotify.

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