Paasa - Adam22

Blawal Cheema, who goes by his stage name Paasa was born in Nassau county New York. He was always passionate about creating music and rapping, so when he saved enough money to set up a home studio, he finally started discovering his voice and flow as an artist. After a couple of tracks in dual languages, he came up with a single called ‘Adam22‘.

This track took a couple of weeks to complete and Passa feels that he has finally found himself and where he stands in the music world. ‘Adam22’ is a vibrant song with a lot of punchlines.

The artist would love to collaborate with Drake and Young Thug and currently spends all of his time working on new music. He promises to release an album in the future, so his fans should definitely look forward to that.

Passa is actively connecting with his fans on social media and giving them sneak peeks on future tracks. He says, ‘I thank each and every one of you. Keep supporting me and we will hit the billboards someday‘.

Listen to ‘Adam22’ on SoundCloud.

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