Highly Favored‘ by GunDei is a track from his upcoming album. This song is about trials the artist has overcome over the years and expressing gratitude for having come out victorious. The lyrics of the track are emotional and real, GunDei showed his vulnerable side.

The artist says that his sounds can be described as very soulful. A hip hop version of the classic Motown sounds of Marvin Gaye or Curtis Mayfield in a contemporary form. 

GunDei’s musical influences are Curtis Mayfield, Andre 3000, Marvin Gaye, Nas and Lauryn Hill. Currently, he is listening to Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Kodak Black, Jazmine Sullivan and the R&B classics. He feels that these artists have the essence of soul music in their own way.

The songwriting process for the artist starts with coming up with a concept of a theme. Then, he envisions the musical sounds which best suit the idea and begins working on the instrumental and lyrics. 

As an upcoming rapper/singer, the artist likes to perform in small clubs or lounges because of the intimacy and closeness with supporters.

Social media allows GunDei to exchange not only music but his philosophy of life with fans and learn from them. He is thankful for their support and encourages them to continue this journey with him.

Listen to ‘Highly Favored’ on YouTube.


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