Mxtty Holmes - Sick Of It

‘Sick of it’, Part 4 of ‘The Toxic Love Mixtape’ by Mxtty Holmes, emphasizes the false hope and debauchery that come with pursuing a love too far gone.

Loving with a broken heart can be tricky… but it is really called love when our heart is no longer in the right place? What happens when we get addicted to tug and pull? What happens when we’ve allowed so many hits that we become numb to it all? When is it really enough?

When breaking up and making up becomes a natural recurrence, the idea of happiness becomes distorted. What we used to consider as a happy feeling is no longer possible, therefore we settle for something less only to avoid the severity of the situation. Similar to how we always have that drunk uncle we ignore, typically in relationships there’s always a few traits we tend to ignore in hopes of a brighter tomorrow. Sadly in these situations, all that’s really in the forecast is thunderstorms and showers, and a serious lack of self-love.

This song is a warning to those who can’t see the problem in front of them and a strengthening anthem for those who can.  It’s never too late to decide when you deserve better but wanting to move on and doing so are two different things.

‘Until we learn to love ourselves, the love we give away can always be used against us’.

It looks like Matty Holmes is finally sick of it, but will it be enough?

Listen to ‘Sick of it’ on SoundCloud and watch the cinematic on YouTube.

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