VRTCL - Anna

The artist name VRTCL is composed of guitarist Jake Carroll and producer Rob Orr, who both partake in writing. The duo started VRTCL during lockdown days in San Francisco, California. Their long jams on drum machines and guitars have led them to form their unique sound.

They have taken influences from the genres and cultures of their hometowns: Los Angeles and Sardinia, Italy. From downtempo lo-fi to indie and electronic, VRTCL brings a sound so filled with all the genres that it seems genre-less itself. They share, “Neither of us is one for genres. Our sound is minimal in instrumentation but full in the soundscape, not sure we fit nicely into a genre at the moment“.

VRTCL’s first single ‘Anna‘ was born during a long quarantine jam session. The two of them were huddled over drum machines, guitars, pedalboards, and loopers working hard to form the song. In the end, they have made a layering effect that the loopers created throughout a session. It builds bar by bar and is the highlight of ‘Anna’.

Jake shares “The name Anna is a nod to the palindromic nature of the song itself. The main melody and the breakdown towards the end of the song are direct mirrors of each other“, explaining why they chose to name it the way they did.

The song is a representation of Jake and Rob’s styles coming together and becoming something entirely new. They have a lot of similarities and differences in their musical backgrounds; this song is a great example of when two dichotomous forces come together to create one powerful energy.

Listen to VRTCL’s ‘Anna’ on Spotify and SoundCloud.

VRTCL - Anna

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