Tristan Keys and Jasper Good - Fuego

As two artists from Montreal, Canada, Tristan Keys and Jasper Good mix both of their styles into one track. Tristan Keys brings the newer school sound with melodic flows and trap vibes. Meanwhile Jasper Good hops on the song with the older school rapping style, consisting of bars and constant flows.

Tristan Keys and Jasper Good are under the music label New Life. The dynamic duo can do many genres from trap to dancehall and always brings the best vibes no matter what kind of song it is. They share, “We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy the song, whether you’re an old head or a new head. You may not like Tristan’s part, but I guarantee you’ll like Jasper’s part. And vice versa“.

With their latest single, ‘Fuego‘, Tristan and Jasper rap about how they can get any girl and live a flashy lifestyle. The song also expresses the problems that come with this lifestyle, like trust issues and jealousy. They say, “This song is the ups and downs you go through when dating someone because you can never be too sure of what their intentions are in the end“.

The duo wanted to make something that their audience can play while they have the time of their lives. Tristan and Jasper share, “If you got some drinks on the deck, and everyone is vibing together, just play this song and watch the crowd go crazy“. They have recently released an 18-track album called Breakfast At Night.

Listen to Tristan Keys & Jasper Good’s ‘Fuego’ on YouTube and Spotify.

Tristan Keys and Jasper Good - Fuego

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