Mariannah Y Diego - Llamado De Dios

Mariannah and Diego (MYD) is a Christian music duo with an electro-pop music style. MYD composes of Mariannah Aguilera (voices, guitars, and keyboards) from Havana, Cuba, and Diego Archer (programming, composition, guitars, and keyboards) from Dallas, Texas.

The duo started last February 14, 2020. With both of them mostly in quarantine, MYD wrote their music from a distance. Diego performs and arranges all instruments in Dallas, while Mariannah records main vocals in Havana.

Their latest single, ‘Llamado De Dios,’ is about following one’s calling to serve the Lord, no matter the sacrifice. It was written as the world heads into a new year in 2021. The song brings feelings of nostalgia by touching on the tough choices of leaving behind a community, family, friends, and comfort to carry out God’s work in the entire world.

MYD shares, “The song is a testimony that following God’s calling will always pay off in the long run, no matter the risk. Sometimes, we may lose friendships, and sometimes we may need to move places. In the end, no matter the challenge, one can prevail if we chose the right path.” ‘Llamado de Dios’ is the lead single from MYD’s new 2021 album, …y Continuamos.

Listen to Mariannah Y Diego’s ‘Llamado de Dios’ on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Mariannah Y Diego - Llamado De Dios

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