Look What You’ve Done‘ is a vibrant new song by KRYSTOF. The track is about the helplessness and loss of control after you fall in love with someone. You can’t help but think about the one and you wish it would stop and at the same time, you never want to feel different again. The artist says, ‘At some point in your life you will be in love and if not, you have at least read or heard about it and seen it in movies. With the song, you just tell another personal love story and if someone knows the feeling as described in the song then you can at least be helplessly in love together’.

KRYSTOF is mostly inspired by Dua Lipa and would love to collaborate with her. He is also influenced by Troye Sivan and Ava Max. The artist is currently listening to Julia Michaels because she is inspiring and has amazing songwriting skills.

The track is going to be followed by the music video in the near future, and the artist’s full album will be released later this year.

KRYSTOF writes his songs on the guitar and then sends the demos to his producer, Dany Weisz, so they could create the sound for the song. Writing the song lyrics is a unique experience for the artist every time because sometimes he can write the song in 10 minutes and sometimes he needs a whole week.

The artist wants to raise awareness for mental health and gender equality on social media as well as to create a safe space for his audience. He is utterly grateful for his fans and is happy if someone feels better due to his songs. 

Listen to ‘Look What You’ve Done’ on Spotify.

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