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Since ‘From the Ashes’ dropped there has been an abundance of hype surrounding Louis Slipperz and Chester P’s latest offering. Now I know you’re intelligent people, you check this site; so I’m writing this with the assumption in mind that you’re reading it without any pre conceived notions about the CD.

Secondly, my words are based on my true opinion of the music, at this time… this is not material suitable for Hip Hop Connection.

The first thing that struck me about ‘From the Ashes’ was Chester P’s style, he strays away from the fantasy world that he sometimes creates with his lyrics and explores a more gritty side of the world he resides in. Every track on the CD highlights in one way or another at least of one of the social phenomena we are all currently faced with, and in true Chester style he takes eloquence and observation to the Nth level.

I managed to get hold of DJ Slipperz to ask him a bit about the ‘From the Ashes’.

LB: Can you tell me a bit about the concept for the album?

Louis SlipperzDJ Slipperz: There wasn’t really a concept for the album as a whole. Some of the tracks had some concepts which we worked until they were right. Its more of a body of work done over a period of time. The title came out of my studio being burned down during the making. That was some fucking hard shit to deal with. All the musical stuff I’d collected from all round the world pretty much got melted. But somehow the material its self survived. The only thing we could do to turn the negative position around was to focus on the future. The Name kinda speaks for its self…

Slipperz beats throughout draw your attention to his continuing status as one of the best at what he does, and shows that he is still 100% on point. He and Chester’s natural chemistry and shared vision is an evident feature throughout also. I asked Slipperz about that also…

DJ Slipperz: Me and Ches have a pretty easy going work relationship. I've always had a lot of respect for his lyrics, so its always been a pleasure. Neither of us are too precious about our shit so we help bounce of each other in the writing process. Ches came up with some of the music and I helped with some of the chorus' and stuff so its pretty natural I guess. We’ve worked together for a long time now, touring as taskforce in some fucking weird and wonderful places. All those experiences make things tighter…

Chester P and Louis Slipperz

The track ‘Chessmonster’ is one of my favorites, its an introductory track which touches on a whole spectrum of shit. The bars set the standard that continues, I thought the concept was big and was really feeling the beat.

I was listening to another favourite whilst walking home on a freezing Tuesday night from a shit day at work. ‘On No!’ was the first track I listened too. It actually brought a smile to my face, it’s a well written, witty paradox represented over a catchy up-tempo beat It’s instantly recognizable as a potential club banger, with a catchy hook rolling over the sick beat.

Rocks Bottom’ is another big one, the tune builds with the lyrics and I liked the range of sounds used on it. Chester P’s passion with regards to the subject matter is distinct. Chester paints a vivid picture on the track of a life at Rock bottom.

The Sermon’ and ‘Faith’ showcase Slipperz skills with a bass and aptitude for constructing beats. ‘Faith’ also showcases again Chester’s ability as lyricist it blew me away; in 500 years time kids nation wide will be studying this shit as modern prose.

Inside Out’ I also really liked, the flows faster but it’s a catchy track, with a wicked hook.

LB: And what has the response to ‘From the Ashes’ been like?

Louis SlipperzDJ Slipperz: Its quite hard to tell what response From the ashes has received because no one can really get their hands on it. So far we have had various fuck up's with various distributors who I won’t mention, so to date it hasn’t had a real release. You won’t find it in any shops other than to buy it from our myspace.

LB: That’s long…

DJ Slipperz: Yeah, bearing that in mind I think its been positive. We have had some really good press around the album (album of the month in touch) and a lot of people have hit me up on myspace saying they think its a corker so I guess that’s as good as you can expect.

It doesn’t look like you will be able to find it in the shops till next year now so if you wanna get hold of the album legally then hit one of the myspace addresses.

As with a lot of the best music the more I listen to ‘From the Ashes’ the more I notice about it that I really like. Unfortunately the problems surrounding the distribution I think are going to prevent it reaching the sort of audience it should by rights be heard by, but due to the quality of the music I think it will eventually get there, it’s a sick album and should be heard.

And finally I asked what’s next for Slipperz and Chester?

DJ Slipperz: I just keep working hard. Practicing the piano / bass and whatever else I can. Be happy, stay focused, enjoy life and keep creating…

By: Laura Beale

Chester P - From The Ashes 

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