A natural-born storyteller and award-winning poet, Alex Galli, aka. Maddhatr finds the perfect blend of pop appeal and experimental artistry in his songwriting. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Maddhatr’s signature, anthemic sound comes from an uncanny mixture of avant-garde instrumentation, instantly memorable melodies and uniquely mature and romantic plot lines. The name Maddhatr (Mad Hatter) is derived from the Lewis Carroll character in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland who describes himself as “under no obligation to make sense to anyone”.

End of the Ocean‘ is a nostalgic song about a boy who is battling between love and pursuing his dreams. He ultimately decides to pursue his dreams, but he never really moves on. The track was written by Maddhatr and produced by Patrick Bodi (Chris Brown, Young Thug, Gunna), has been streamed over 300, 000 times to date and was used as the opener of David Rocco’s Dolce Vita, season 5, which aired on National Geographic and The Cooking Channel. From the first warm piano chord, this song has the ability to instantly evoke emotion and connect the listener with the yearning and the regret that the artist was feeling when he wrote it. Anyone who’s ever battled between love and pursuing their dreams will relate to this song.

The artist says, ‘I want to elicit emotion. I want the listener to feel different once the music starts. Good music should make the listener feel some type of way. I guess if Lewis Capaldi was making dance music, it might sound like me’.

Maddhatr’s musical influences are Nirvana, Ludovico Einaudi and KYGO. Though they are all drastically different, when listening to his own music the artist can clearly hear which elements each of them has influenced.

The artist’s writing process usually begins very organically and ends very technically. He never forces himself to write, as it is his passion and comes very naturally. It all starts with an emotion. The artist might be walking around the block, having a coffee or working out, and a lyric or a melody will pop into his head. He will then take that piece and evolve it into a full song (lyrics and melody) and record the vocal and rhythm.

Maddhatr is planning to record his first studio album this summer and release it later this year. 

The artist says that social media is very important, especially during a pandemic. ‘That’s how I’ve been connecting with my supporters. I try to perform live on TikTok every week, that’s been such a great way to not only expose myself to a new, international audience but also practice playing my new material.’ He would also like to thank his fans for their support. ‘The love and motivation that you have given me since I started dropping music last year have been insane. I can’t wait to play live for you, the fun is just about to start’.

Listen to ‘End of the Ocean’ on YouTube and Spotify.


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