MadFlow - Biography

Hailing from BC (Birmingham) UK, MadFlow has been a creative force within the West Midlands music community. Having lived in the US and born of Caribbean parents, MadFlow has a variety of influences in his music. He has been credited as a true master of ceremonies able to rock a crowd of few to many.

He has hosted and performed with the likes of Slum Village, De La Soul, Souls of Mischief, Mikey Dee, Masta Ace and Ed. OG, Jeru, Krs One, DJ Premier… the list goes on. He is noted for his ability to spontaneously freestyle urban tales and beat box melodious harmonies. His artistry is head and shoulders above the normal.

MadFlow wants nothing more than to give Hip-Hop the fans what they want, that good ol boom bap Hip-Hop. His name has been on the lips of underground hip hop fans for years, yet he's never released an album this is set to change in 2013/14 watch this space.

The Abominable Flowman is out now. The Abominable Flowman Returns is coming soon.

MadFlow – Kickaholic! (Official Video)

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