Madi Simmons

Madi Simmons continues to push the boundaries of his music career with his new release, Your Love Is The Light Of My Life, a thoughtful song written about a special woman in Simmons’ life. Reflecting on personal experiences about someone who has been there for him through ups and downs really highlights this artist’s appreciation for love. This may be relatable to many listeners, who will be inclined to connect to this song through thinking about their own special someone in their own personal lives. Sparking emotion in this way and pairing the song with a fun, reggae beat is bound to keep fans coming back for more!

Simmons’ dedication and passion for music led him into the performing scene at age 16, and this reggae artist has never looked back since. Influenced by a range of artists including Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, Beres Hammond, and Lucky Dube, Simmons has been constantly spurred on to do what he loves today, currently listening to many artists like these that speak from the heart and soul. Driven forwards by his influences, Simmons managed to be voted as 2018’s top indie male reggae artist, a huge achievement to be expected of any artist with such captivating vocals, songwriting flair, and rhythm on the drums. This multi-talented artist is sure to become an inspiration himself for many generations to come as he continues to mark the industry with his creative compositions.

With the melody creating the most inspiration for Simmons, he admits he usually starts with this in the songwriting process before the lyrics begin to flow. This artist has a home studio although claims he works with other producers to perfect his tracks, embracing any musical talent collaborations that he has the opportunity to work with. Indeed, Simmons admits he is currently even collaborating with a female singer who will be releasing a joint project with him soon!

Whilst Simmons has performed in a wide range of settings such as festivals, backyard parties, clubs, and even on beaches, it’s clear that fans can anticipate more performances soon as he continues to strive forwards in music. Listeners can already access a range of music by this artist on multiple platforms and can continue to connect with his work on social media. Madi Simmons is certainly one to watch in the reggae genre, bringing both meaningful messages and joy to any room that he performs in. More raw, personal lyrics and upbeat tunes will be sure to follow The Light Of My Life soon, so stay tuned as this artist continues to shape his sound and career in the music industry.

Listen to Your Love Is The Light Of My Life today on SoundCloud.

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