Madi Simmons

Entering the performing scene aged 16, Madi Simmons, voted top indie male reggae artist of 2018, started out tackling the drums, songwriting and singing. Continuing to push the boundaries of his reggae sound with Black Uhuru vibes, Simmons’ strong vocal delivery has helped the release of My Wish for Humanity flourish. It isn’t often you hear an artist that delivers the message of unity, making him stand out in the music industry. His incredible voice helps bring this message across in down to earth Blues Reggae sounds, transporting his eager audiences to a soulful place. With the message of the song raising awareness of people working together to help one another, Simmons hopes to encourage more cooperation in these troubling times.

The raw meaning of this artist’s lyrics is what sets him apart from others, displaying the injustices of the world through the beauty of music. He manages to make every audience he performs in front of conscious of the messages he is reciting whilst not leaving them with heavy hearts. Fans can even expect to be uplifted when Simmons plays on his drums, creating enthusiastic beats to form a truly memorable experience. It’s therefore no surprise that this artist has already secured a number of EPs with more on the way!

With every artist having musical influences to help shape their sound, Simmons is no different, with Sly Stone, Smokey Robinson, Bob Marley, and Lucky Dube helping inspire this artist to get him where he is today. This artist is currently listening to tracks from Lucky Dube amongst others, continuing to be inspired by those who have made their mark on music before him. He admits he would welcome any collaborations, hoping to propel himself further and further into the music industry.

It is the melody that inspires the lyrical process for Simmons, helping him perfect the tracks he has shared with us so far. This artist delves into his own creativity to construct meaningful lyrics that will connect him with his audience, although accepts the helping hand of producers to perfect the finishing tracks. Simmons enjoys performing for all types of audiences, from large crowds of festivals to quiet backyards.

With a new EP coming in the near future, it’s clear that we can expect a lot more talent to come from Madi Simmons. Continuing to use social media to network, connecting with fans and potential new producers, this artist constantly branches out to gain more exposure and success for his music career. With his constant push for success, Simmons continues to break the boundaries of his musical abilities, working tirelessly to provide his fans with the music they have grown to love.

Listen to My Wish for Humanity today on SoundCloud.

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