Growing up listening to Lil Wayne, Mag!c started creating beats two years ago and ran with their newly found talents to start exploring the boundaries of the music industry. With Lil Wayne being this artist’s prime inspiration, it’s no surprise that Mag!c has taken influence to shape their own music with edgy hip-hop elements, although also uses the trap and R&B genres to describe his current and unique sound.

Mag!c has developed his latest track, Angels, to explore the story of going into the music industry headfirst without signing with a record label. Mag!c explores the ideas of independence in this crowded industry, hoping to inspire aspiring musicians to never give up on their dreams of becoming talented musicians themselves. It’s clear to see that this artist can become a role model to younger generations through his bold act of being independent and taking on challenges within the music industry; it’s Mag!c’s love and passion for music which continues to drive them forwards to success. This is something that other people can easily learn from.

Whilst Angels speaks out about independence in musical journeys, it also crucially references friends that are no longer alive, commenting directly on the song’s spiritual title. Fans will be able to connect with this message on a deeper level, with many people having lost loved ones in real-life experiences. The realness and rawness included here in the lyrics are what allow Mag!c to stand out in his genre, making listeners reflect and build strong feelings when hearing this song. On top of this, the music video accompanying the song Angels can give listeners even more of an experience of what the artist wanted to display.

Sitting in the music studio every night, it’s clear to see that Mag!c works tirelessly to produce the music they set out to make. Usually needing music before creating song lyrics, this artist immersed themselves in the production process, overseeing everything for the song Angels, from crafting the first few beats and lyrics to polishing off the finishing touches. Whilst never having done a live performance, Mag!c admits they would love to collaborate with a range of artists in the future, including $plot the Kidd, Liam Elliot, Rocket, and Young Chavi.

To continue developing their sound and setting themselves apart from others in the industry, Mag!c currently listens to Dro Kenji and Shordie Shordie, respecting how different these artists are from everyone else in music today. With Mag!c continuing to receive feedback and support on the global platforms of social media, this artist appreciates all the support they get, feeling increasingly encouraged to share their talents every time they step into a studio.

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Liam Elliott - Angels

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