Mally Malcz

Mally Malcz has been an MC in the underground scene for years and has finally decided to unleash his own material on the masses. He has been frustrated at being surrounded by artists that are ‘imitating’ the US rather than ‘innovating’, and refreshingly he feels it’s important that his lyrics and backing beats have something new to offer.

Mally has spent a year writing his material, and during that time he hooked up with a little known producer named Joas and together they started to gel as a music making force and started to integrate their material. They are only now starting release their music and are generating some serious interest. Mally may just be in the early stages of his career, but he is a lyricist who is looking to bring something a little different to UK music.

Lewisham, South-East London is Mally Malcz stomping ground and his lyrics include real topics as he talks of his experiences living in a harsh environment, where the working classes are battling for success and money at any cost. This is all set in a time when the streets are a battle ground, work is unfulfilling and even the government seems to be preventing progress. Mally’s material is often harsh, to the point and unforgiving.

Fortunately though, it is not all doom and gloom and he is able to utilise his sense of humour, and can empathise with others. His main talent being the ability to explain things in a way that everyone can associate with.

For the duo, it was always going to be important that the first few tracks should be available for free. Coming from a background where money is often hard to find, Mally felt that it was only right that he should give something back to his peers to begin with – serving as a springboard for his popularity in the process.

Mally Malcz

In a time when MP3’s are taking over the music scene, sites allowing access to Mally’s tracks have been a key part to his game-plan. With numerous portals holding Mally Malcz material, it’s easy for the public to hear what he has to say; and after only 4 months on US ‘’ he has received over 1000 downloads, going to number 2 in the British Rap chart after only one week with his most popular song – Train Strain.

Now, getting interest from pirate radio stations around the UK, and even big web-radio stations in the US, Mally Malcz is growing ever more confident.

”The free tracks are all good, but we’re saving our quality material for commercial release”, he explains. The shooting for a video for the track ‘Love Game’ is already underway, and the Mally Malcz camp is expecting a big response from the forthcoming release – Jo Snow which will be out within the next two months.

Expect to see and hear a lot more from this guy in the coming months.

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