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With Telfort aiming for the vocals to become a kind of instrument in themselves, he describes his sound as Martin Luther King meets Gunna. Telfort did indeed admit he would love to collaborate with Gunna, believing that their styles would mesh well together. He is cleverly able to weave Christian principles into the hip-hop genre, constructing songs for secular radio that are relevant and meaningful.

Inspired by Snoop Dogg as a young child, Telfort appreciated the way this artist was able to make any word he said sound incredibly cool. Also admiring Lil Wayne, Telfort was inspired by the way this artist created punchlines and unique lyrics with confidence, energy, and swag that he wanted to include in his own music. Telfort, inspired by these top artists, was able to fabricate his songs in the way that he has done.

Telfort’s new track, Go, speaks out about real-life experiences, with every lyric playing true to what this artist went through himself, making it more easily connectable to his listeners. The song is a testimony and confession of a man living the street life, displaying what really goes on in this situation with the rawness of it suggesting that strategy is a necessity to make it out alive. Telfort takes pride in the authenticity of this track as well as the storytelling ability that shows the message in all its glory.

With this artist experiencing prison twice, he realised lots of music was just for sound purposes rather than something that would help people reflect on important things. Telfort wanted to help his fans reflect on this vivid situation, wanting them to really feel what he had felt during these experiences. In fact, with prisons being the places that Telfort first performed his music, this artist feels humbled to continue playing in these kinds of places, knowing that they remind him of where he came from and how far he has come since then.

Starting his songwriting by prayer, Telfort admits that his initial melodies and lyrics follow from there, with beats and meanings springing from within. Not needing a beat to get started with lyrics, Telfort had extensive practice constructing music in this manner whilst in prison, even writing a song, Color Coded, that made it onto the radio. This artist constructs the lyrics and melodies of his captivating tracks to deliver on the beat crafted by beatmakers. Overseeing the process and direction of his music has allowed Telfort to blossom into the talented artist he is today, even encouraging the EP, Down South Ties, coming this November. Furthermore, look out for the music video accompanying Go.

Currently listening to an artist called Ashton Hills, Telfort admires the grit and messages displayed in this musical work, drawing comparisons to his own. Telfort appreciates his growing fanbase for making his dream possible, acknowledging that social media has been crucial in keeping those barriers away. With Telfort’s talent developing each time he steps into a recording studio, it’s safe to say that we can expect more to come from this artist in the upcoming future.

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Mancito Telfort - Go

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