Marc Bravo

Working in the music industry for more than 10 years, Marc Bravo is a hip-hop recording artist that stands for the mantra, “show love & receive love.” His music has its own rhythm and a variety of lyrical flows and metaphors. He pairs this with an organic hip-hop vibe sound that mixes with his vaporwave aesthetics.

Partnered with the label AMG Music, Marc works with two producers. One is from Russia named Tapehook and one from Chicago/Los Angeles named Parker Jazz. During his writing process, he has a ritual where he sets up decorations like posters, energy crystals, and incense. He finds instrumentation first before he creates the lyrics. He shares, “Once I find perfect instrumentation, my mind and body just flow naturally.”

Considered as a hit single from his album ‘ALLURE,’ ‘Sky Dive‘ has received more than 45,000 streams. The song is produced by Ashton McCreight and is about “getting over your anxiety to take necessary leaps of faith in your life to help reach your goals.

With this single, Marc encourages his audience to take the leap of faith to reach your goals. Don’t let fear hold you back from achieving your dreams.

Listen to ‘Sky Dive’ on Soundcloud.

Marc Bravo

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