Mark 'The 45 King' James

Mark James aka The 45 King is a ground-breaking, foundational Hip Hop producer and DJ with a host of production and remix work in his storied catalogue from Jay Z and Eminem to Queen Latifah and countless others.

Mark “The 45 King” James set the world on fire with his genre-defining break beat track “The 900 Number” (which an entire generation knows as the Ed Lover Dance song from Yo! MTV Raps). The song featured a looping of a baritone sax solo from Marva Whitney’s “Unwind Yourself” (1968). The 45 King signed with Tuff City Records that year and was given a production deal.

Soon after, he made an even bigger name for himself by producing Queen Latifah’s debut album and many other classics for legendary Hip Hop imprint, Tommy Boy.

As his career continued, The 45 King gave the world a whole host of massive hits including Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life” and Eminem’s “Stan” as well as dozens and dozens of remix tracks for some of the world’s biggest artists.

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