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Have you heard of Mayhem? Fresh out of Manchester, Mayhem is set to be the UK’s latest grime / hiphop movement. The trio are releasing their first single “We’re Big Like" on the 27th August. The group have one common goal – putting the Manchester music scene on the map. So who are Mayhem?

Shifty (19) with his writing skills and unique style has been compared to Eminem earning him an array of high profiled fans like DJ Semtex. Slayer (18) has spent the last 4 years getting known in the Manchester underground scene and now is an acknowledged name. Blizzard (13) as well as being the youngest he’s also a producer, producing Mayhem's debut single.

MayhemTheir aim is to send out a postive message through music and who better to relate to the youth but the youth? They have pro-actively dedicated their time to the youth. Slayer and Shifty are running workshops to see through their vision to show the youth that they can inspire and turn their lives around through their music talent and do so succesfully.

After winning the Electronic Arts competition “Big In The Game” Mayhem will have their track “We’re Big Like” on a multi million pound game which is due to be released in spring of 2008. Also with the state of the art video rocketing to the number one spot in the Channel U charts, they have a huge fan base, and even gained major respect from well established grime artists such as Wiley, Target and Semtex. They are young,fresh and orginal and are daring enough to step out of the box and bring something postive back to the music scene, isn't that what it's all about?

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