MC Rikta

MC Rikta, who is 18 years old, originates from the town of Bets. More specifically this rapper is coming out of the Jonquière district.  His musical career began amazingly, he claims, only one year ago, when he was 15! So far he has taken part in various projects such as mix-tapes and compilations etc.
He has also received good responses from his live performances on the circuit and at festivals. He has received credit from the press and has been added to the play list of several radio stations including: Skyrock, Generation 88.2, France Inter and Radio Maghreb France.
Right now he is set to deliver his debut E.P which is entitled "18 Piges à Peine", which could be translated as "18 Measuring Rods", but if anyone can translate better, please let me know. This record is self-produced and his lyrics are of a conscious and mature style well beyond his years. It has been said that his raps reflect the problems of the youth and a whole spread of other topics all dropped over original and varied productions. Listening to this it is possible to find a true artistic richness as well as giving food for thought.
MC Rikta is a young rapper who will make people talk purely because of his talent. Peep for his material following soon.

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