KinngZeussy - MeetKingZeussy

‘MeetKinngZeus’ was created by KinngZeussy to fill in the void left behind after PopSmoke passed away. The artist was very fond of PopSmoke and a lot of his fans say that they sound similar. However, KinngZeussy added his unique twist to this track, because individuality is very important to him. The artist says, ‘Fans gravitate towards my song because of the resemblance to PopSmoke. I’m the closest to their beloved King of New York but it’s also because I’m my own unique artist that gets my fans to become loyal followers’.

KinngZeussy would not call himself a rapper but an artist, because an artist is able to master many different strokes to bring out the beauty within the art. Therefore, when writing songs, he envisions himself performing and expressing his thoughts in the form of a song. Everyday situations and experiences in life that can happen to anyone are what the artist wants to emphasize in his songs.

The artist will be releasing four more singles before he shares ‘The Forgotten Kinng’ album with the world. Once he has structured himself as a solid artist in the industry, then he will reveal the realest side of Kinng to his fans.

With more and more songs being released, the artist wants his fans to realize that he carries himself with the 50 Cent’s confidence, creativity like Michael Jackson’s and the aim to be an obsession like the late Ella Fitzgerald.

KinngZeussy says that without his supporters and fans who believe in him, he would be nobody. ‘It’s also because of you, loyal fans, I’m able to be in a position to make positive change for the kids who wanted to give up’.

Listen to ‘MeetKinngZeus’ on Spotify.

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