Melvin The Giant

Raised by Ohio and Michigan natives, Melvin The Giant’s music is heavily inspired by midwestern hip hop influences. His love for traditional mediums in art and music is what drives Melvin to bring vinyl-based production and turntablism into his music. He pairs it with dynamic lyrical wordplay to capture the spirit of his hometown.

Melvin wrote ‘All Th3 Way Up‘ to share and openly address his struggles with substance abuse and addiction. While he subtly referenced his dark sensitive emotions in his previous works, ‘All Th3 Way Up’ is a personal landmark in his music career. This song is also a collaboration with his brother, Tim Atwell, who did the production of the song.

Besides the vinyl-based production, Melvin wanted to share his struggle with drug abuse with his dense lyrical wordplay. He says, “I think that addiction and drug abuse is something that touches far more lives than simply the addicted party. Sometimes we need to hear about someone else surviving a dark time to help us survive one ourselves.”

As a traditional visual artist, Melvin does all his album art by hand. He also writes his songs by hand and layers them with his sketchbook drawings.

Watch Melvin The Giant’s ‘All Th3 Way Up’ on YouTube and listen to the song on Spotify.

Melvin The Giant

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