Mitt Holly - Atmospheric Summer

Mitt Holly was introduced to music composition when he was in the fourth grade. He first got into alto saxophone, then taught himself how to play the drums by playing Sum 41 and Blink 182 songs. By his second year of high school, he fell in love with hip-hop music and studied rap composition and flow from the likes of Kanye West, OutKast, and Ludacris.

When Mitt has reached college, he has written and recorded over 100 songs. After graduating college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Exercise Science, he moved to California, where he formed a hip-hop duo. After three years of living in California, he moved to Hawaii. Here, he is currently working on several music videos and a comprehensive marketing strategy to gain attention and create a fan base.

His latest single, ‘Atmospheric Summer,’ was inspired by Hawaiian sunsets and gorgeous girls he has met at beach parties. Mitt shares, “When I first heard the instrumental to this song, I immediately knew I was supposed to write about a girl. This beat is very light and enjoyable, so I wanted to have summer vibes as well.”

The overall vibe of the song seems as if Blink 182 and hip-hop had a baby. With this, the chorus was even inspired by the rock band. Mitt says, “I knew I wanted to imitate their extremely catchy and pop-y hooks. I think I captured that perfectly, especially the last chorus, which has overlapping vocals. I love when Blink 182 would sing like that.”

Listen to Mitt Holly’s ‘Atmospheric Summer’ on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Mitt Holly - Atmospheric Summer

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