‘Momma’ by Sluggah2Times is a letter to the artist’s mother. This track is from the artist’s newest EP ‘Sluggah Wur U Been?’. The artist says, ‘A beautiful black queen did everything she could, in order for me and my siblings to be here today. Along the way, I strayed the path she had pathed for me. Breaking her heart and worrying the life out of her. This is simply my apology‘. The artist believes his fans can connect to the authenticity and the passion behind the music.

Sluggah2Times’ sound can be described as unique, melodic, with a bit of aggression. 

The artist’s musical influences are Kendrick Lamar, 21 Savage, BFB Da Packman. The artist’s playlist is very diverse and it could go from rap to Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 14 in the matter of shuffles. ‘Good music is good music regardless of the genre’.

Instead of songwriting, the artist mostly freestyles until he finds what he likes and what works. However, for this track, the artist took his time and broke down his emotions to the tee. He had to go through some of the past emotions and memories to analyze the relationship between him and his mother. 

The artist participates heavily in the production of the music. He likes to follow things through from start to finish. Although his team always has innovative and creative ideas and just boils down to what sounds best.

Sluggah2Times uses social media to connect with his fans. They get to grow with him. ‘I literally get to show them they can do anything by staying consistent and being yourself. That ability to free others is deeper than rap. Social media just gives you a more direct and personal approach’.

Listen to ‘Momma’ on Spotify.

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